Adopt This Killer Mindset To Make Great Products

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We care about our users. Our revenue comes from them. So we continuously work to make our product better. But when it comes to creating something new we often make a big mistake. That mistake begins by believing we can know everything about our users’ problems and pains. 

But we can’t know everything. Building new products takes time. During that time the market has changed, the user’s have different needs. So we end up with an out of date product.

Great product starts with humility; a deep understanding that we CAN’T know everything. Too often we talk ourselves into believing that we have all the answers. “I really, really know these users. I really really know this problem.” The reality is that there are still tons of blind spots.

When we start a new product we are at the time of greatest uncertainty and risk. So we begin by understanding all our assumptions and our uncertainties that always exist. 

Be humble. Uncover the uncertainties. Evaluate your assumptions. Create a small focused solution and test it with users. Only they can decide whether your solution works for them, or not.