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Opportunities To Ideas Process




We Might

    • Explain HMW process
    • Select winning opportunity
    • Conduct silent brainstorm
    • Post and group WM’s 
  • Capture the result
  • LW.SW.NW

Write checklist on wall, flip chart, etc and tick items when completed

  1. We Might describes a potential tactic we could use in executing against an opportunity. It turns a positive question about potential challenges into a seed of an idea for how we might solve it. 
  2. Steward picks an opportunity. Team members recommend what they feel are the most important opportunities and justify with information they have.  The steward then decides.
  3. Silent brainstorming:
    1. Describe rationale – eliminates people from dominating the conversation. All voices are equally heard.
    2. Give 90 seconds to write as many pains they assume or know to be true. Indicate those pains they “know to exist” versus “postulate they exist”.
    3. Give 30 seconds to pick their best (3-5) pains and write on separate post-it notes. Use different colors for “know versus assume to exist.”
  4. Post: Eliminate duplicates. Group notes into themes and label them.
  5. Document: For example, take a picture. 
  6. Course LW. SW. NW. Suggested topics
    1. Speed
    2. Effectiveness
    3. Principles
    4. Techniques 
    5. Steward


  • Apply 80% rule to eliminate duplicates group themes.
  • Prioritize events one at a time and go through the rest of the modules before working on a new event. Learning from each pass enriches subsequent run throughs.