The art of the possible. Lessons from differentiating a blockchain capital market that meets OSC regulations.

With Alan Wunsche | CEO & Chief Token Officer,

Alan Wunsche is the CEO & Chief Token Officer of A long-time technology guru in the financial marketplace, watch Alan detail the intricacies of building a differentiated blockchain investment marketplace for startups by meeting Canadian capital-market regulations.


Use the following bookmarks to fast forward or rewind to key topics in the conversation

  • Intro – 0.00
  • Problem worth solving – 4:40
  • Blockchain mechanics – 16:00
  • Regulatory – 24:00
  • Challenges & Risks – 36:15
  • Version 2 – 49:45
  • Hard Decisions – 60:30
  • What’s next – 65.45

Contact Info:

LinkedIn: &
Twitter: @tokenfunder

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