There is sustainability. And then there’s Cornel Ceapa, a steward of the sea who is restocking sturgeon in the overfished Baltic Sea.

With Cornel Ceapa, PhD

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Follow Cornel from his Doctorate in Sturgeon Ecology in France and Romania to Canada where he starts his agua-culture company dedicated to reviving lost sturgeon and introducing the joys of caviar to a new market. Wondering when your great new product will be cash flow positive? Watch Cornel outline his lessons from Acadian Sturgeon and Caviar, where the first sturgeon/caviar sale doesn’t happen for 10 years!


Use the following bookmarks to fast forward or rewind to key topics in the conversation

  • Intro – 0.0
  • Problems worth solving – 8:00
  • Aim high/trial and error – 15:00
  • Starting a long venture – 22:20
  • Funding – 34:30
  • Building a new market for an old product – 40:20
  • Sustainable growth is multiple dimensional – 51:10
  • Be prepared, have passion, sell your story – 65:50

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Instagram: @kingofcaviar
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