For BIG results create BIG trust. Innovation lessons from averting a civil war.

With Jonathan Wilson | CEO, Soul System

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Jonathan Wilson is a writer, speaker and leadership and change consultant. The CEO of Soul Systems, he and his colleagues support leaders in disrupting and transforming large organizational and social systems. An expert practitioner in regional conflict resolution he extracts fundamental build trust lessons from his experience in averting a likely civil war in South Africa in 1998.


Use the following bookmarks to fast forward or rewind to key topics in the conversation

  • Intro – 0:00
  • Living in a Papua Tribe – 4:30
  • The tipping point – 12:30
  • Building trust between enemies – 20:35
  • Deweaponize power – 38:00
  • Creating the way forward – 47:40
  • Business is social – 57:00
  • Design thinking – 65:40

Contact Info:

Twitter: @SoulSystemsCo

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