Overwhelming Passion, Relentless Persistence, Overcoming Fear: Dive into the mindset of a committed innovator.

With Lucas Picciolo | founder of sleepfuture.com

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Lucas Picciolo is the founder sleepfuture.com. A high school graduate and Film Studies program graduate from the University of Ryerson, Lucas had a burning desire to help his father overcome chronic back pain. So, at the age of 21 he started a medical device company. Knowing nothing about starting a company, Lucas learned his way by relying on his overwhelming passion, relentless persistence, willingness to overcome his fear. Watch and listen to Lucas’s mindset lessons as he describes his journey.


Use the following bookmarks to fast forward or rewind to key topics in the conversation

  • Intro – 0.0
  • Start with a problem – 9:15
  • The right question spawns the right idea – 14:25
  • Prototype & test the idea – 20:35
  • Find a producer – 26:50
  • Creative funding of build & test – 32:25
  • Learning to overcome fear – 41:35
  • Crowdfunding nitty gritty – 58:20
  • About Lucas – 63:05
  • Lucas’s best advice – 65:55

Contact Info:

Website URL: https://sleepfuture.com/
LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lucas-picciolo-b847a5154/
Instagram: @Peachez_pro

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