Scaling Uber. Explore the mindset needed to scale your product in a world of skepticism.

With Rob Khazzam | General Manager, Uber Canada

Rob Khazzam is the General Manager of Uber Canada. Follow Rob’s journey from grunt work to regional manager of Central and Eastern Europe as he uncovers (and solves) a mountain of uncertainties of different languages, regulatory resistance, acquiring drivers & riders, building backstage resources, and more.


Use the following bookmarks to fast forward or rewind to key topics in the conversation

  • Intro – 0.00
  • Join Uber – 4.00
  • First launch – 11.00
  • Create supply & demand – 25.00
  • Scale operations – 33.00
  • Core lessons – 47.00
  • The future – 53.00

Contact Info:

Twitter: @rkhazzam

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