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This book is dedicated to its readers.

We’ve all heard the stories about the great innovators. After helping people innovate for over 30 years, I wanted to hear the stories of people like you and I. What they did, the obstacles they faced, the outcomes they achieved. But most importantly, what they learned.

So I interviewed 12 innovation pioneers from the following countries: Britain Canada, Papua, Romania, United States of America and Zimbabwe.

I chose them because their stories varied so dramatically. From starting one of the first on-line companies, to helping avert a civil war in South Africa.

The lessons are organized into five chapters. After each chapter you’ll find a place to capture the lessons you find most powerful.

I hope that what you learn, accelerates your confidence, capabilities and helps you better navigate the disruptive age.

They did it and so can you. All my best.

– John Sutherland


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Our team has worked together for quite awhile, but the Ennova methodology encouraged new dialogues and idea sharing – which is exactly what we needed.
Jim Vair
Capital Networks Limited
I highly recommend this package to any organization involved in product or service design.
Harout Nercessian
Armenian Missionary Association of America

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Senior Leaders: As a business leader you need to understand the tools, techniques and mindset required to grow your business. This book will help you learn for leaders who have succesfully used innovation to grow their business and achieve their goals.

Innovation Leaders: As an innovation leader help your organization de-risk ideas that keep it growing and improving. You put the tools, processes, and metrics in place that help manage innovation. Inside Innovation Pioneers you get the learnings from other great Innovation Leaders who’s lessons you can apply to your own organization.

Entrepreneurs: As an entrepreneur you need to implement and make your ideas real as quick as possible. Inside Innovation Pioneers you will learn from leaders at companies like Uber, who quickly scaled, but also learn from entrepreneurs starting their own businesses and how to use innovation to drive your new venture

Ready to unlock your INNOVATION EFFORTS and scale to the next level using the LESSONS FROM 12 INNOVATION PIONEERS? ...

You only pay $0.99 for the shipping and handling


We interview 12 innovators and they pass on their lessons and secrets on how you can innovate like the best!

You only pay $0.99 for the shipping and handling

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