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Developing New Business Ideas & Opportunities Masterclass

Don’t launch a product and have no one buy it ever again. Never get stuck creating the same old ideas over and over. Stop wasting time and money on “big bold bets” that fail.


Get a repeatable ideation process you can use over and over to generate game-changing ideas your users will love.


We ran this 3-hour masterclass for our consulting clients, and it’s received such great feedback, we’ve decided to make it available to you too!

You get access immediately. Plus, you get lifetime access to the videos are included in your ticket and a copy of all the tools we use durning the workshop.



Leaders, executives, strategists, innovation managers, entrepreneurs, consultants or business coaches; anyone looking for hands-on tools for strategy and innovation. 

We welcome participants at any level of experience with innovation, from beginner to advanced.

JUST $97 $7

The first 100 people to sign up get the discounted early bird price!