How Thoughtful Failure Brings Great Results

Hover  Problem Hover Solves Hover extracts the hidden information available in a conversation. Purpose of Hover To: extract the collective intelligence from a group. uncover new insights that when combined significantly increase the probability of discovering “awesome”. keep awesome alive throughout the portfolio process. Behaviors Displayed Slow the conversations down.  Say,  “Let’s hover on this”. […]

Slow Down To Create Products At Lighting Speed

Serve Users With Awesome Products  This principle supersedes all others. It dominates because it captures the “essence” of the path we need to take to achieve our goals. We have many competing goals: growth, revenue, reputation amongst many others. This principle reminds us that following this path provides the greatest probability of attaining our goals. […]

Adopt This Killer Mindset To Make Great Products

We care about our users. Our revenue comes from them. So we continuously work to make our product better. But when it comes to creating something new we often make a big mistake. That mistake begins by believing we can know everything about our users’ problems and pains. But we can’t know everything. Building new […]