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Mockup Build And Testing





  • Review process
  • Review test question
  • Choose the “idea” and test type
  • Split into teams 
  • Choose 4 categories
  • Choose 3-4 alternatives
  • Assign roles
    • Final writer(s)
    • Choice/Detail writer(s)
    • Stitcher
    • Conduct Test 
      • Order of presentation
      • Introduce Test
      • Run test and ask question
  1. Purpose = test at the concept level.
  2. When presented with 3 alternative mockups which one, if any, will the user choose for us to“build”   
  3. Teams: where possible create 3 teams and assign steward to each. If not 2, then one
  4. Choose idea: Silent brainstorm list of idea. Post 2, Organize. Dotmocracy 2 dots. Discuss. Steward decides. Choose test type: A. Test between 3 concepts.  B. Test between 3 variations of a concept.
  5. Choose 4 categories. Silent brainstorm list of idea. Post all, Eliminate duplicates. Dotmocracy 2 dots. Discuss. Steward decides. 
  6. Choose 3-4 Alternatives. Team creates list of 3 to 4 alternatives for each category
  7. Roles: Writer makes final version of each Post It note. Choice/detail writer creates content for the 3 choices. Stitcher takes pictures and stitches into Marvel POP and tests the mock-up
  8. Follow guidelines for order of presentation below and assign is user test one of the orders
  9. Use test introduction script – We  are looking to provide to physicians a broader set of services beyond financial. Before we build a prototype we conduct a concept test where   we show you 3 mockups of possible solutions we could offer. We are going to show you that now and will ask you one question when you are done.
  10. Question: Are there any of these you would like us to prototype. If so which one?


Format, Strong Suggestions, Tips And Test Ordering


Strong Suggestions


  • Follow a standardized format. (See sample beside)
  • Use paper version
  • Use pen to write, not a sharpie
  • When taking pictures leave a white border
  • Don’t add extras that go nowhere. Eg. search


  • Run the Test after the illusionary product
  • Use identical introductions
  • Conduct tests in multiples of 6 users and mix up test using mock up ordering


  • Don’t do pretty Eg. Rulers for straight lines
  • Just enough fake content so they understand


  • Make sure it’s not confusing!

Test Mockup Ordering

Test 1 mockup order = 1,2,3         

Test 2 mockup order = 1,3,2

Test 3 mockup order = 2,3,1

Test 4 mockup order = 2,1,3

Test 5 mockup order = 3,1,2

Test 6 mockup order = 3,2,1

Use This Link For More How To Details https://marvelapp.com